aluminum windows

New aluminum windows offer both homeowners and builders many advantages. Our high-quality windows offer several valuable attributes and are particularly valuable to homeowners in extreme climates. Aluminum windows often perform beyond what is required as far as energy savings. They are also corrosion-resistant and very low maintenance. When homeowners replace their old windows with Aluminum Windows, they realize a return on their investment relatively quickly.

Here are some pros to aluminum windows:

How They Look: These windows have a sleek design and can be finished in a wide array of styles, textures, and colors. Further, they are virtually maintenance free. They are available in thin designs and can be built to equip very tall or wide openings. They don’t warp and will hold up over time.

They are Energy Efficient: Savings on utilities is the number one reason people install new windows, and San Diego replacement windows shine when it comes to energy costs. These thermally enhanced aluminum windows retard ultraviolet radiation which significantly decreases heat/cold loss. The result is energy bills leaving homeowners thrilled with their investment.

Affordability: Aluminum windows are significantly cheaper than wood or vinyl windows. Providing both initial savings at purchase with savings on energy bills, their aluminum windows just prove to be so cost-effective homeowners are thrilled.

Longevity: As if low cost and energy savings isn’t enough, these aluminum windows are durable and will stand the test of time. And, as if all this isn’t enough, they even have a small carbon footprint. They are made of significant amounts of recycled material. In fact, it takes less energy to recycle aluminum than to produce new.

Commercial Applications:

Aluminum windows are exceptionally well-suited to commercial use for a number of reasons: One, they provide excellent ventilation. Two, they permit large designs that produce huge areas of open glass for beautiful views. Three, they have great versatility in color and texture, making them a fit for a great diversity of settings.

If you’re interested in these beautiful, cost-effective, energy-efficient windows, contact 360 windows and doors for a free estimate. Every job is custom and each and every customer receives expert service from initial consultation to finished project.