Wooden Doors

patio Doors

Wood doors offer a level of beauty which simply cannot be rivaled. They offer a gorgeous, natural look. They are also strong and highly versatile. Custom wood doors are very common in San Diego because they fit with virtually any design. Though they due require some maintenance, the substantial quality and beauty of these doors make them a classic. Here at 360 Windows and Doors we carry a full line of wood doors, including patio doors. The frame is coated in such a way as to prevent peeling, bending, and cracking.

The substantial benefits these custom wood doors include: • Absolutely stunning curb appeal • Customized color • Superb insulation • A versatile, traditional appearance

When it comes to wood doors, your range of options to choose from is very wide as we can source just about any type of wood grain of your choice. 

If you’re looking to spruce up the look of your home in just the right way then wooden doors are the perfect choice! Call us at 619-331-5246 to get a quote!